Waxing Treatments


Waxing effectively and cleanly removes all unwanted hairs from a specific area, leaving a smooth, hair free finish to your skin.


Over time, your hair will grow back finer and sparser, as the hairs and their follciles are weakened. This means that the length of time inbetween waxing treatments will gradually increase and you will not experience stubble regrowth like with shaving.


The first time you are waxed, it is expected for the hairs to grow back within 3-5 weeks, (varying, depending on the speed of your natural hair cycle), compared with shaving where results last just a day or two.


A suitable length for the hair to be, to allow an effective treatment is at least 1/4 inch. However, fine facial hair such as eye brows, upper lip and chin can be removed as soon as they are visible.


I offer the following body and facial waxing:


Eye Brows





Bikini line



Keeping the comfort and modesty of my client is highly important to me.