Massage Treatments


Aromatherapy massage is a holistic treatment combining the use of essential oils and therapeutic massage.


Massage is not only extremely relaxing, it also creates a sense of wellbeing, and can help to relieve physical and emotional aliments.


The use of essential oil and simply taking the time to stop and relax can dramatically help to relieve psychological complaints such as stress, anxiety and depression.


Before the treatment begins, if the client wishes to, I can discuss their physical and mental aliments, and discover what they would like to gain from the treatment.


A deeper swedish style massage can also be carried out if the client prefers a firmer pressure to relieve physical aches and pains.


You may choose from the following massage treatments:


- 30 minute aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage


- 60 minute aromatherapy full body massage


- Indian Head massage


Please note if you have had any recent operations or suffer from a serious medical condition, a doctors note of permission may be needed.