Hand & Feet Treatments



Manicures give you groomed nails, neatened cuticles and soft, smooth skin. They promote healthy nail growth and radiant, nourished hands, keeping skin looking young and nails growing strong.



Pedicures give you perfectly neat nails and soften typcially dry areas of skin such as the heels. Pedicures will give you attractive looking feet, perfect for a holiday, special occasion or simply just for you to admire.


All treatments using polish are finished with O.P.I nail polish in a shade of your choice. This is the worlds leading professional nail polish range, known their outstanding quality and lasting finish.


Treatments using Gel polish are carried out using Gelish or Gellac products and last for 2-3 weeks. Please note it is advised you come back to the salon to have your gel polish removed, either followed by a new set (no extra charge for removal) or a £6 charge to have them professionally removed which includes a free nail tidy.


Please see price page for a list of hand and foot treatments.