Eye Treatments


Do you look at other people's eyebrows and think "mine will never thicken up and look like that"... well think again. Emma specialises in helping clients to over time, transform sparse and unshapely eyebrows into the beautifully shaped brows they desire, with regular treatments and commitment to leaving them alone at home.


Eye brow shaping


Frame and define your eyes with a brow wax. This quick treatment gives a precise and professional looking shape to your brows, removing all unwanted hairs, even those tiny ones you cant see yourself, for a perfectly groomed look. Or instead opt for an eye brow pluck.



Eye brow tint


Brow tinting safely darkens and defines eye brows. The tint adds definition and makes the brows look much thicker by colouring all the surrounding lighter hairs, to give a much fuller brow, and better framed eyes. It is also ideal if you wish to disguise any grey coloured brow hairs.

Results last approximately 4 weeks.


For a tranformed brow, best results occur when a tint and shape are carried out together.


Eye lash tint


Eye lash tinting is suitable for those who wish to define and darken their lashes. If you are going on holiday, or participate in water sports, or simply don't wish to wear mascara every day, this treatment will be suitable for you as it gives your lashes a darkened and more defined look.

Results last approximately 4 weeks.



Please note a patch test is required at least 24 hours before tinting treatments, to determine if you have an allergy to the product. Reactions include swelling, redness, itching and spots. If any reaction occurs, the treatment cannot be carried out.